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The past dictates how our love story unfolds, weaving a tapestry of dreams, growth, and understanding. Today, I want to share with you how your relationship journey has been shaped not only by your experiences as an adult but also by the beliefs you have carried from our childhood.

As children, we are like sponges, absorbing the world around us. Our relationships with parents, family, and friends serve as a blueprint for what love means to us. It’s essential to acknowledge that some beliefs formed during these early years might not serve us well in adulthood. We may have learned to seek validation outside ourselves or believe that love must always be earned. But we also have the power to redefine our beliefs and create a new narrative for our love story.

As we navigate through life, it’s vital to recognise the patterns that stem from our early beliefs. Some of these patterns may have kept us from fully embracing the love we deserve. By breaking free from these self-limiting beliefs, we’ve opened up a world of possibilities and allowed our love to flourish without constraints.

Our love is a reflection of the love we’ve cultivated within ourselves. Through self-discovery and healing, we’ve learned that love isn’t about completing each other but complementing one another. It’s about embracing our imperfections, celebrating our uniqueness, and loving ourselves unconditionally. In doing so, we’ve created a safe space for love to bloom authentically.

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