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Before we have a session, I would love to meet you to see if we are a good fit. Book a FREE consultation below.


My prices operate on a sliding scale. Most clients require more than one session. It depends on the complexity of your situation. In the free consultation I assess how many sessions you need to get the result you are looking for. We will discuss this together.

The following is factored into the price: One-and-a-half to two hours allocated to each session, a 15-20 minute hypnosis recording recorded during the session and the time taken to edit and send it after the session. Also the time taken to prepare for each session. Most psychotherapy sessions cost $185 for a 50 min session which is comparable with what I charge for longer sessions. Because of the intense nature of the sessions I can only see up to 12 clients per week.

  • 1 session: (NZ)$291.30 (+GST).
  • 2 Sessions (NZ) $284.35 (+GST) per session.
  • 3  sessions: (NZ) $275 (+GST) per session.
  • 4 Sessions: (NZ)  $265.21 (+GST) per session.
  • 5 or more sessions (NZ) $260 (+GST) per session.

Clients can see me in my clinic in Titirangi or online via Zoom. I only works with clients 17 years and older.

Specialised Programs

I offer specialised comprehensive programs in the following areas. Click on the images to find out more


Weight loss- Hypntherapy

Weight/Emotional Eating

self-esteem: Hypnotherapy auckland


Treating anxiety with Hypnotherapy


Purpose- Natural Success Coaching


Dating- Hypnotherapy

Attract Soul Mate Love

Fear of Public Speaking

Money Blocks

Money Blocks

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therapy session

Therapy Session

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