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Natural Success Mindset Coaching

Do you want to wake up feeling alive, passionate about what you are doing and thriving in the world in all areas of your life? Chances are you don’t feel this way.

Do you have a deep desire to run the business of your dreams, have an amazing relationship, be financially independent, own a house you love, be at peace but feel blocked? Are you going for what you really want?

You may procrastinate, be afraid of being seen, have a fear of failure, or speaking up or don’t believe you are worthy of being big in the world.

I can help you. I am a qualified Life Coach specialising in Natural Success Mindset Coaching with over two decades of experience guiding individuals like you to live to their full potential.

I work with clients who want to live big and be successful in all areas of their lives. Clients who have a dream, but who don’t take any action, clients who have a business and want to take it to the next level or have money blocks. People who have a desire to serve humanity in some way.

I work with people who want to be successful in all areas of their lives. They choose to work with me because I offer a holistic life coaching approach that works.

 As a Natural Success Mindset Coach I offer transformational life coaching.  I can help you to dream big and clear the subconscious blocks to you living a fabulous and inspired life.

 If you are looking for an intuitive life coaching approach, Natural Success mindset coaching will profoundly change your life. I use the power of hypnosis to change the beliefs that are holding you back then create a lazer sharp mindset to help you to get what you want.

What’s the key? Getting out of your own way and living in the magic. Lets go!  


 RTT Therapy by RTT Practitioner / Therapist Teagan Fea for RTT online sessions, Marisa Peer Practitioner

Natural Success Coaching- A Choice to be Powerful


Everyone needs a coach.

We can’t see ourselves like a coach can or see where we’re going wrong and why our game is slipping.

Take champion sports people for example, in spite of their talent, drive and determination, without their coaches the same men and women who win titles would most likely come nowhere.

And if you think any other endeavour in life is different, that you can be anywhere near your best without professional feedback, you’re greatly mistaken.

The CEO of Google said the best advice he ever got was to get a coach.

When it comes to the game of life, it is a strange phenomenon that we have difficulty selecting our most powerful ideas and actions from the sea of options that we swim in.

A good coach is not someone who tells you what to do. No one can direct your life better than you can – but they can validate and help concretise your most effective choices and keep you accountable.

Following your own truth is like walking a razors edge. No one does that anywhere near their best on their own, and the sad truth is that your loved ones rarely support you in that either.

It takes a dedicated professional to serve your power.


What is RTT Hypnotherapy & RTT Therapy. Contact Teagan Fea, local RTT Practitioner

Develop Powerful Intuition: Circle Work

Powerful Creators have highly tuned intuition. They don’t make decisions from the mind alone. They follow their heart and their gut.

Powerful Creators are also acutely aware of their ego identity and how the dysfunctional aspects of their nature, including their core beliefs and subconscious dynamics are creating things that they don’t want.

The circle is a magic shape and in this work, we use circles to change our point of reference and creative orientation.

Circle work involves working with others who help us to see how our current reality is playing out and how things are different when we step into our Creative Genius orientation.

We cannot create an extraordinary life as a lone wolf. We need other powerful creators who are on the same frequency to support us with our journey.

RTT NZ, local RTT therapist and Practitioner following the Marisa Peer Method

The One Thing Standing Between You and The Life of Your Dreams…

Most Manifestation Coaches teach you to hold onto your vision and imagine and feel it every day.

This isn’t enough. Energy flows towards the past of least resistance. If your subconscious mind is focusing on the things you don’t want, these will keep showing up in your life.

All of life is based on structure, including our dysfunctional subconscious patterns. Alchemy requires structure too.

Once you learn the structure, you can turn lead into gold, i.e. you can change your psychological tension into creative tension and create magic in your life.

I will teach you this structure and help you to manage your psychological tension so that you stay in alignment with your vision.


Teagan Fea, RTT Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy

Why Work With Teagan?

“One of my greatest joys is to see my clients transform, to help them exceed their expectations and actualise their potential. I want every person to live and extraordinary life”.

Teagan is a Clinical Hypnotherapist trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy (trained by Marisa Peer), a Natural Success Coach (trained by William Whitecloud), a qualified Life Coach with the International Institute of Inspired Living  & Wellbeing expert with 21 years experience.

She has worked with clients all over the world and offers online education that teaches 1000’s of students how to live to their full potential. She inspires and teaches clients to create magic.

Teagan is highly intuitive and gets to the root cause of subconscious programming. She is gifted at helping clients hold alignment to their vision.

Teagan is a powerful manifestor and lives in the magical stream of life. She walks her talk.

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