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Who is Marisa Peer and why I chose to study with her

I studied RTT Therapy with Marisa Peer in 2016. I was one of the first people trained by Marisa in NZ. RTT Therapy has revolutionised hypnotherapy by combining some of the best approaches into one therapeutic approach.

Marisa Peer is a world renowned speaker, Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer and best-selling author. She has nearly three decades of experience as a therapist and has been named Best British Therapist by Men’s Health magazine and featured in Tatler’s Guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors.

Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer uses her experience of treating clients including rock stars, CEOs, elite Olympic athletes, royalty and Oscar-winning actors to inform her life-changing speeches and lectures. She has been voted best speaker at numerous conferences including The Mastermind Group London and the Women in Business Super conference, Awesomeness Fest 2015 and The Royal Society of Medicine. In 2015, Marisa launched her Marisa Peer RTT Method School, teaching her unique method for the first time to audiences in London, Canada, the US and Australia.

How many RTT Therapy sessions do I need?

We can talk about our issues until we are blue in the face, however this doesn’t necessarily change our experience because we still have subconscious beliefs that influence the way we think, feel and act.

In RTT Therapy, Marisa Peer taught that when we understand the beliefs that drives our behaviour it frees us. When we change the meaning of a past event in the session, it is very healing. This is the power of this work.

After the session, the client listens to a personalised hypnosis recording which reprograms the subconscious mind with new powerful beliefs. This is the difference between RTT Therapy and other hypnotherapy approaches that give you a standard recording.

I will also teach you how to dialogue with your mind on a daily basis to support this process. Your session actually will continue for 2- 3 weeks after your  session. It is recommended that you have at least three sessions.

Some clients require a program of up to 7 sessions depending on the severity of their subconscious programming. I will discuss this with you in your Free Consultation. I will design a program for you that focuses on clearing up all areas of your life using the Marisa Peer RTT Method and Timeline Hypnotherapy. Either way, it is still a faster approach to healing than spending weeks, months or years in therapy.

Can I focus on more than one issue in my session?

The answer is no. The mind can only focus on one thing at a time. So unless your issues are related to the same limiting belief, I will focus on the issue that is the top priority for you.

Some clients come in wanting help with relationship issues and weight for example. In this situation, we would choose one of these to focus on. The client would then come back in 2 weeks time (after they have listened to their recording) and we would then focus on the next issue.

Depending on the issue, I may recommend a program that combines the Marisa Peer RTT Method and Timeline Hypnotherapy. This is the most comprehensive approach to Hypnotherapy.

I’m not sure that I can be hypnotised?

Many clients have this concern. EVERYONE can be hypnotised. In fact we go into the state of hypnosis often. In hypnosis you go into deep relaxation. When you are deeply relaxed we have access to your subconscious or feeling mind. We ask this part of you the reasons behind why you are struggling. Hypnosis is not about being asleep, it is about how suggestible you are. In the session, we test your suggestibility.

We are all highly suggestible. Advertisers work with this knowledge all the time to get us to buy things. The fact that we have beliefs in the first place comes from suggestions that we have taken on. So please don’t worry.

Am I in control when I am in hypnosis?

Yes, you are absolutely conscious and you are totally in control and can come out of the session at any time.

What if I go back to a traumatic memory?

If this happens I will guide you to feel safe. I have had many years of trauma informed training,

You have already been through the event and in hypnosis you are only reviewing the memory as if you are watching a movie. You will be in good hands as I am highly trained.

I am worried it won’t work for me

If you have been struggling with an issue for a long time this is understandable. Some people believe that a cure is not available to them. Many years ago, I had this belief too. But I transformed my experience and have seen many clients transform their experience too. This is why it is even more important to learn how to change the beliefs in your subconscious mind. I will teach you how to do this.

Many clients come to see me after years of trying many approaches including counselling. After listening to Marisa Peer they decide to try RTT Therapy. If you are committed to the process with me and follow my advice, you will get results.

Listening to a recording every day sounds like too much hard work

Change requires effort. If you really want to heal, you will invest the time. There is no way around this. The recording is an important part of an hypnotherapy session as it rewires the subconscious mind.

I can’t afford it

I understand this concern, particularly now in the times we are facing. I have a question for you:  How much do you want to invest in yourself and your life. Life is too short to continue lacking in self-confidence. Freedom is priceless. How much is that worth to you? What is the cost to you if this problem doesn’t resolve itself? What is the cost to those closest to you? These are interesting questions to ponder. The other thing to consider is that weeks or months in therapy is going to cost you thousands. In the long run, RTT Therapy and Timeline Hypnotherapy is a less expensive approach with greater benefits.

Why do I have to fill in a pre-session form?

The pre-session form helps me to understand and prepare for your session. It also means that instead of taking up valuable time in the session collecting background information, we can get straight into the powerful part of the session, the hypnotherapy.

How can you hypnotise someone online?

It is actually very easy. As long as you have a good wifi connection and a laptop positioned so that I can see you lying down somewhere (lying down is more comfortable) a Zoom session is just as powerful. I have conducted hundreds of sessions online having worked with clients over all NZ and in other countries including the US, Australia, UK, Singapore, Bali, Canada, Dubai and Japan.

I live in another country and your appointment times don’t work with my time zone.

If this is the case, contact me and I will set up a time that works for us both.

How much do the sessions cost?

The price of the sessions is listed on the Book a Session page. The following is factored into the price: One-and-a-half to two hours allocated to each session, a 15-20 minute hypnosis recording recorded during the session and the time taken to edit and send it after the session. Also the time taken to prepare for each session. Most psychotherapy sessions cost $185 for a 50 min session which is comparable with what I charge. Because of the intense nature of the sessions I can only see up to 12 clients per week.

Marisa Peer Therapist training

If you are interested in studying with Marisa Peer, it is highly recommended that you have a session to experience it for yourself. You can always book a session with me to discuss  Marisa Peer’s RTT Therapy training program.

Why work with me?

I am an expert in the realm of therapy. With a wealth of experience spanning over 23 years as a dedicated therapist and 7 years specifically honing my skill in Hypnotherapy and RTT Therapy, I bring unparalleled insight and skill to my sessions. Having positively impacted the lives of over 3000 clients through my Hypnotherapy practice and countless more through my broader therapeutic work, my dedication to healing is undeniable.

My influence extends  beyond individual sessions, having empowered over 6000 students through my online programs and guided countless others in transformative retreats across multiple continents. With an impressive track record evidenced by over 125 glowing 5-star reviews on Google Business, my reputation speaks volumes. Moreover, my role as a senior teacher for Mindfulness Works NZ underscores my commitment to helping others live thriving and prosperous lives.

My wealth of experience and unwavering dedication will  guide you towards profound transformation. With me, you are in the hands of a true expert, ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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