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Weight loss- Hypntherapy

Weight/ Emotional Eating

Specialised Program

If you are on the treadmill of dieting, losing weight then putting it on, this program is for you.

Diets dont work because of the subconscious programming that is either making you eat when you feel stressed, bored or emotional, or is keeping the weight on.

You too can have a great relationship with food and feel slim, fit and fabulous.

In this program we will explore the beliefs you carry at a deep subconscious level that are related to emotional eating or weight. We will then change your deep programming so that you are free of this painful journey.

Session 1: Relationship to food

In this session we will explore the core beliefs that impact your relationship with food. We will wire in positive eating habits that support your body and help you to shift weight.

Session 2: Weight Reduction

In this session we will explore why you are holding onto weight, what its role, function and purpose is in your life. We will then teach your brain that you don’t need it anymore.

Session 3: Healthy Self-Esteem

Many people with weight issues have low self-esteem. In this session we will increase your self esteem so that you love who you are and feel amazing.

Sessions can be adjusted to suit your situation



This price includes 3 sessions with Teagan, 3 hypnosis recordings, homework and access to Teagan throughout the program via email. Each session is between 1.5-2 hours long.

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