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Love Yourself

Specialised Program

Your relationship with yourself influences everything in your life, your relationships, career, social life, and health. If you do not have healthy self-esteem its painful! I know because this used to be me.

You can love yourself!

Most people carry beliefs such as I am not good enough or I am unworthy or unlovable. We pick these beliefs up as a child. Once you change these beliefs your experience of yourself and others significantly changes for the better.

In this program we will explore the beliefs you carry at a deep subconscious level about yourself. We will put new programming in place so that you feel so much better about you. This will change all areas of your life. How exciting!

Session 1: I am Enough/Worthy

In this session we will explore the core beliefs that are affecting your relationship with you. You will notice a change in the way you feel about yourself after this session.

Session 2: Hurt

Hurt is an emotion that keeps us stuck. We can carry this energy in our body and it can lead to depression and low self-esteem. In this session we release old hurts.

Session 3: Lovability

The belief that I am unlovable influences our relationships. Even though you may consciously feel that you are loveable, often this belief is still in your subconscious playing havoc in your life. In this session we will explore this belief and pull it out at its roots.

Session 4: Relationships 

Communication, dealing with conflict and setting boundaries is so important in a healthy relationship. In this session we will look at where your weaknesses are and will strengthen these skills.

Sessions can be adjusted to suit your situation



This price includes 4 sessions with Teagan, 4 hypnosis recordings, homework and access to Teagan throughout the program via email. Each session is between 1.5-2 hours long.

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