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Dating- Hypnotherapy 

Harmonious Relationships

Specialised Program

Are you struggling in your intimate relationships? Maybe you mistrust your partner or feel that he/she is not supporting you? Do you constantly fight or feel resentful towards them? Or maybe you feel anxious when he or she is not around.

You too can have a  harmonious relationship

Our relationship is always a reflection about what is going on with us internally. It is always about our relationship with ourself. When we heal our subconscious programming our relationship either comes into alignment with who we are or we meet someone who is better suited.

In this program we will explore the beliefs you carry at a deep subconscious level that may be sabotaging or influencing your relationships. We will put new programming in place so that your relationships become more harmonious and stable.

Session 1: Self esteem

In this session we will explore the core issues around self that are impacting your relationships

Session 2: Attachment

Relationships are always influenced by the way we attach to others. Our attachment style is learnt from an early age. In this session we will discover what you attachment style is and change your programming so that you securely attach to others.

Session 3: Sexual Challenges

Many people have experienced trauma around sex. In this session we give you the tools to have a happy healthy sexual relationship

Session 4: Relationship Skills 

Communication, dealing with conflict and setting boundaries is so important in a healthy relationship. In this session we will look at where your weaknesses are and will strengthen these skills.

Sessions can be adjusted to suit your situation



This price includes 4 sessions with Teagan, 4 hypnosis recordings, homework and access to Teagan throughout the program via email. Each session is between 1.5-2 hours long.

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