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Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful healing tool available today.



In the state of hypnosis we access the subconscious mind or the deepest layer of the mind. Our beliefs about ourself, others and the world are stored in this part of the mind. Clinical Hypnotherapy is the process by which we access those beliefs and rewire them using neurolinguistic programming and targeted suggestions.

One of the rules of the mind is that the mind will accept suggestions until new ones replace them. In Hypnotherapy, we replace the suggestions that are causing behaviours or a distorted reality. Other types of therapy (psychology, psychotherapy etc) try to address a behaviour or disfunction by analysing it from with the conscious mind. Using hypnosis for therapy goes to the source of where the problem began.

Hypnosis for Therapy

Many clients end up seeing a Hypnotherapist because traditional counselling has not worked at shifting their issues. Hypnotherapy (using hypnosis for therapy) gets to the heart of the matter quickly and efficiently. The difference between traditional counselling and Hypnosis for therapy is that after a session, clients listen to a hypnosis recording that assists to continue to rewire the brain.

Hypnosis for therapy is the most powerful tool available to us today. It is fast, effective and delivers results.

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Hypnosis therapy is widely recognised around the world as being a go-to therapeutic tool. In other countries, the medical profession advises the use of hypnosis for therapy for anxiety, weight loss, IBS, depression and other conditions. NZ is a little behind the 8 ball. It is becoming more widely recognised and accepted. Teagan is available for sessions in Auckland and online for the rest of NZ.

“To be empowered, to be free, to be unlimited, to be creative, to be genius, to be divine, that is who you are. Once you feel this way, memorise this feeling; remember this feeling. This is who you really are.”
― Joe Dispenza,

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