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“Thank you so much Teagan. You are doing such high impact work and I am incredibly grateful to be feeling mentally free to embrace the beliefs I want in my life.” -Donna K, (NZ)

Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Watch and read the following testimonials to see how Hypnotherapy has powerfully transformed the lives of my clients. I believe Hypnotherapy is the most powerful healing tool available to us at this time. Book a free consultation today.

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“I had a profoundly healing Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Teagan. I would certainly have other sessions with her, for other areas in my life.” CG, Wellington, (NZ)

“I feel like something has gone. I feel lighter. My body feels lighter. That was amazing!” TM, Auckland, (NZ)

“I had the priviledge of having a session with Teagan. It was a wonderful experience and something you should treat yourself too. Teagan is patient and understanding. It was very worthwhile.” KA, Tasmania, (AUS)

“I found the session really wonderful, & the following day I was on such a high. My overall confidence & self-love has improved so much, its such a beautiful feeling & I’ve found I’ve had some beautiful connections already at work due to this. I just feel like I belong & Im accepted, no energetic tug of war. Things have improved in a very beautiful way but there is still more to shift. I am looking forward to our next session. Thank you so much, you are a blessing to be doing this type of work.” NB, Auckland (NZ)

“I have lost 4kgs over the past 2 weeks. I have many happy days ahead towards my new transformation. I have significantly cut down on my pain medication & I sleep wonderfully. I don’t feel so exhausted & I feel I can cope. Teagan Thank you!” TM, Auckland, (NZ)

“I honestly feel like my brain was instantly rewired or a lot of my core beliefs that were blocking me from enjoying investing time with my son. I don’t have any lingering anxiety that I will experience PND again. I’ve listened to my recording every night before bed and have been sleeping really well. Thank you so much Teagan. You are doing such high impact work and I am incredibly grateful to be feeling mentally free to embrace the beliefs I want in my life.” DK, (NZ)

“Since our first hypnosis therapy session I do feel less depressed overall. It still shows up but doesn’t last as long and I have been waking up feeling energised and happy. I hope all is well and am excited to work with you again.” CH, (USA)

“Dear Teagan, I looked at myself in the mirror today, and I smiled a huge child like grin at my own face! I thought I looked pretty (as opposed to thinking I look old, fat…etc). I must confess I am feeling happy and excited and appreciative of the life that I have created for myself. I feel “Sally” with me in a new and really sweet way. Thank you so much!! You are a wonderful healer and I appreciate the time, energy, love, and expertise you put into our session!! Seriously, I have been in the care of MANY healer types…So very many.….and I sense the sincerity and honesty in you. Thank you!!!” – Sally (USA)

“After taking the 3 session hypnosis therapy package with Teagan, I can tell you I’m recommending her and RTT to everyone I know! My friends are telling me that I’m calmer, more approachable, and easier to speak with about tricky subjects. I’ve noticed that I just feel so much more confident in myself and find tasks easier to complete. I’d already spent a fortune on hypnotherapy in the past and had zero results so please take my word for it that RTT is totally different. Thanks so much for your amazing support and coaching during this program Teagan.” RM, (NZ)

“I am so grateful for Teagan’s guidance. I have felt like I was on the cusp of something new but felt stuck and held back. Though I was not exactly sure what beliefs were holding me back, I knew RTT would help. And it did! Teagan helped talk through different ideas to help me find those beliefs most relevant for our session. I am so grateful she could bring all my scattered thoughts into a concise plan of action. Teagan was also very accommodating to my needs. My biggest praise was to the way Teagan made me feel in my sessions. I felt safe and heard. She has such a calm energy and voice but can be strong when the session calls for it. I would recommend Teagan to any of my friends, especially my females ones as I feel Teagan embodies the fierce but nurturing feminine energy that is so needed to guide in our society. The best news is – just this week things have been unfolding in my life to start my dream. That stuck feeling is gone.” hypnosis therapy DC, (USA)

“Since our session I have been feeling so much more confident and relaxed. Also I’ve come to realise that to get ahead in life you have to release what’s holding you down. In my case it was a toxic marriage. Thanks to Teagan & RTT, I’ve been able cope with this whole situation really well. I’ve also learnt to let go and bring in new opportunities. This has been so beneficial in a potentially scary time but instead I’m excited about life and looking forward to my future. Thank you! I highly recommend you to have a session with Teagan. She is amazing” NB (NZ)

“I went to Teagan for help during a very difficult life transition and I can honestly say that the two sessions we have had have been life changing. RTT was able to get to the very root cause of some deeply held, and very limiting, self beliefs. Identifying the root cause of these self beliefs and getting past them has helped me make this transition in a much more positive way. If you are struggling with negative self talk and low esteem I highly recommend an RTT session with Teagan. She is amazing!” CC, (NZ)

“My session with Teagan has been life changing. I have struggled with binge eating for almost all my life, I have tried all the diets, therapy and I even booked myself to have a gastric sleeve as I thought that was the only way I was not going to be putting more on weight.My family was not happy with this decision, so they encouraged me to try something else during the two months before my surgery. So I started searching and found out about RTT and Teagan. After my session with her I can say that my attitude towards food has changed, I am losing weight and now food doesn’t bother me, stress me or rule my life anymore, I am a new person! In 3 weeks I have lost 4 kgs! Thank you Teagan.” Veronica (Auckland) Veronica has since lost 11 kgs!

“Been hectic – busy WORKING on stuff that I normally procrastinate about! The self-talk in the head is getting better, with un-asked for good thoughts still popping in and pushing out the self-destructive thoughts which is awesome. I also feel a massive sense of urgency to do the work needed for my online business now. But maybe the best thing, is that I’m no longer getting the tight chest/stomach when the feeling of pressure/overwhelm starts. I’m also not stressing over the little things now, as everything has been put into perspective somehow. It’s been awesome so far and i’m looking forward to even more change in the coming weeks and months. Thank you!” FM (NZ)

“After seeing a positive change in a close friend who had worked with Teagan, I decided to give it a try, hoping to delve into why I wasn’t moving forward in my career. During the session, I was unprepared for such a release and really felt like something inside had shifted. I listened to my recording every day since our session and have noticed an increase in confidence and belief in myself. I’ve been asked to do a talk at work recently on a topic I have long wished people would recognise me for, so it feels out of the blue, but I’m delighted. I feel like I’ve made good progress with the RTT session and almost like this is just the start of unlocking things to come. Thanks again, really appreciate your work.” RJ (NZ)

“Thank you, thank you Teagan for tremendously transforming my life!!! I cannot thank you enough for PERMANENTLY eradicating all the negative looping thoughts that got stuck in my subconscious mind for so very long. I can smile my most genuine smile. People on the street are very friendly towards me. Saying positive statements every day gets easier and easier. I feel more connected with other people in my community. I am getting more calm and reasonable when usually I get upset or angry. And even then, I bounce back quickly. NO MORE SELF-SABOTAGE!! My life is definitely on the up and up, way better than all the previous years combined.
Many more people deserve to know this unconventional yet most effective way of healing from past pain and getting out of the never-ending loop of negativity.” CR Auckland, (NZ)

“I just wanted to pop in here and give a massive shout-out to Teagan Fea. I had a session with her recently because I was immediately drawn to her energy. I’m extremely intuitive and very selective about the people I choose to work with, and I knew right away that she was special. The level of healing that took place in just one session still hasn’t fully processed, but I can feel it working more and more every day. She has a very calming presence and is extremely gifted. You should definitely get in touch with this incredible lady!  Thank you, Teagan Fea!” DT (USA)

“Wonderful technique and wonderful therapist! I really had a lovely experience with Teagan. I was looking for a RTT therapist and found Teagan’s website. Her booking process is really professional from start to finish. As for the session in itself, she brought me really deep in hypnosis and I could access key moments of my life to solve a few of the fears I had identified prior to the session. After our session, I have listened to her recording every day and I’m happy to report that my life feels a LOT lighter and that my fears have dramatically reduced. Thank you so much Teagan for your support!” Audrey B, Auckland (NZ)

“I recently had a session with Teagan. I am a sensitive and very intuitive so very discerning as to who I would see for a healing session.
I was very drawn to Teagan’s gentle energy and the work she does.
The session with Teagan was very powerful. Working with the very personal re-programming recording that Teagan put together for me has been really transforming. I feel more , confident, authentic and happy.
It has helped me to feel more confident with speaking publicly about my work and also expressing myself in group situations.
I would highly recommend Teagan and Rapid Transformational Therapy.” Joanna S (NZ)

“Wow, that session was phenomenal. I am shocked at how profound it was. I feel very different. Thank you so much.” hypnosis therapy LS, Auckland, (NZ)

“Im quite amazed how much our session helped me. I look forward to listening to the recording everyday. I always feel refreshed afterwards. Im so much more relaxed about giving birth now. The other day I even realised that I am smiling when I think about giving going into labour. I can’t thank you enough!” FB, Auckland, (NZ)

“Thanks a million for everything. You are amazing! You are changing lives. So glad you have come into mine. Look forward to seeing you again soon.” DH, Auckland, (NZ)

“Thank you Teagan. I feel this session has been quite profound and I am very excited to see what transpires. I am so happy I have found you and will keep you updated on my progress. How lovely to meet a beautiful person like you!” LG, Sydney, (AUS)

“Im doing really well. I have listened to the recording every day since our session and I’ve noticed that when a negative thought pops up, Im quickly able to recognise it & move through it. Our session has helped a lot. A million thanks!!” KB, (USA)

“Hi Teagan, I just wanted to say thank you very much for our session on Wednesday. I was exhausted that night but felt it was very cathartic.  Im loving your recording, especially the concept of ‘a high value man’. What a great description. Best news, I’ve released 1.4 kgs already!! Thanks again!” RK, (AUS)

“Thank you so much for your time and guidance and therapy. I believe it is exactly the breakthrough I needed! I am sending my business partner to you as she wants to do RTT as well.” EB, (USA)

“Hello Teagan, I’ve been listening to the recording every day. I felt an immediate lightness and confidence right after our session. And a little bit spent (like after a good cry). I feel more creative ideas coming to me and less resistance to them. I’m really excited to see what happens in the coming weeks and months. I can’t thank you enough for your gentle and kind guidance in this and for checking in on me. I’m grateful.” CA, (USA)

“‘Teagan, Thank you so very, very much for my session. I have been searching for something like this and someone like you for so long.I feel I finally have found the right person to help me on the next leg of my journey! I am really excited to see how life unfolds! Thanks for the beautiful recording. I have already listened to it once today. I already know I would like to continue with more sessions around discovering my purpose, however I will listen to the mp3 recording for 21 days and then see where I am. From the deepest part of my heart~ thank you so very much! Bowing to the light in you!’ KW, (USA)

“I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours reading self-help books on feeling more confident and content with myself, but all they did was teach me how to manage a problem. After one RTT session with Teagan, all those issues effortlessly resolved themselves. I become happier, calmer and more patient with myself, and while I used to be so consumed with approval from others, I’ve stopped really caring so much about what people think. Sometimes, I feel like something isn’t right, and then I realize that I am in a situation now that used to trigger anxiety or some other coping mechanism, but it is not anymore. It’s still taking some time getting use to not having those negative beliefs nagging at me all the time, and it wasn’t until after RTT that I realized how consumed I was by negative beliefs and critical self talk. I can’t recommend RTT enough and Teagan is brilliant.” LK, (USA)

“Teagan, thanks so much for the session. I came in excited but apprehensive as to whether I could achieve my desired outcomes in just one session. Have to say the results from the session and the following audio have been fantastic. I feel like I have a made a big positive shift in the way I feel about myself and that has had a number of flow on effects across my life ranging from having more present and confident interactions with people, easily losing excess weight, making positive lifestyle changes, and attacking my goals. I can highly recommend a session with Teagan, even if you are on the fence. Give it a go, it could change your life”. BS, (NZ)

“I have had 3 RTT sessions with Teagan, each one for a different issue (2 physical issues and one for my money mindset). All of my sessions with Teagan have provided me with profound shifts in my physical body and most importantly how I feel about myself. The recording Teagan makes is a god send and has gotten me through some really tough times. Teagan is an exceptional therapist who uses her intuition to give you what you need in the moment. She is my go to whenever I have something I feel is too big for me to deal with on my own. I cannot recommend her enough!” DM (BALI)

“I have been feeling a lot better after our session! I have noticed even more improvements gradually over time. I am not experiencing as many anxiety symptoms in most social situations. I have also been waking up in a more aligned state because I am thinking about how much I love myself right when I wake up, which was a suggestion in the hypnosis recording. Overall, I feel I have improved a lot since our session. Thank you so much.” DB (USA)

“Since my session with Teagan Im actually feeling so good, definitely more positive feeling like I have more clarity and energy and also not overly bothered by my eating etc. I still have days however I’ve felt a big difference and shift in my moods and energy. I am still listening to my recording! If you are wanting to change some area of your life, I recommend that you work with Teagan. Does RTT work? Yes it does!” Emma S (NZ)

“I am doing really well,  thank you!  I am managing to listen every day to the recording and it is making an amazing positive effect in my life. I feel much less tense. I am not on edge and am starting to plan a way forward for me. It feels so good.Thanks again.” hypnosis therapy DO, (NZ)

“My result with Teagan has been fantastic. I am a musician and was feeling self-conscious on stage, hence the reason for seeing her. Working with Teagan was amazing, I shifted a lot of grief which I didn’t know I had within me and we delved into issues which I didn’t realise I still carried. I released a burden I was carrying on my shoulders and felt amazing afterwards. Now, I am performing to the best of my ability and rocking it on stage. My whole energy has shifted. I highly recommend Teagan and I will definitely go back to work with her more. Teagan is authentic and also great person to deal with. Awesome experience.” YS (NZ)

“As a sufferer of depression and anxiety for many years, my life has been difficult.  I met Teagan when I enrolled in one of her Mindfulness courses. I decided to try RTT with Teagan.  Wow!!  In just two sessions, I have moved home, increased my hours at work, among other fantastic changes in my life and I feel amazing.  I can’t recommend her enough.  Undertaking RTT was a big decision for me but I trusted Teagan and that trust in her has proven to be phenomenal. Teagan, you will never know how much you have helped me.  Thank you for changing my life xx.”  Debbie, Auckland, (NZ).

“I’ve always had blockages speaking up and being open about my sexuality and it was effecting my relationship with my long term partner as well as myself. I was eager to try RTT but also nervous and scared to open up. Teagan was relatable, down to earth, free of any judgement and made me feel comfortable and in good hands the entire experience. She is open and caring and sets the tone for ease throughout the session. I am so glad I did it. I learned a lot about myself and am treating myself with my self love everyday.  I highly recommend Teagan to anyone looking for RTT. You will be really glad you did!” JH (USA)

“Dear Teagan, I am SO EXCITED to share with you that I feel released and free from something that has plagued me my life for many years and could’ve very well destroyed it. I feel that every day that I listen to the hypnosis, my mind latches on to a different  aspect of what you’re speaking about. I feel things processing through the day. I feel released. Thank you so much for your wonderful work in my life. I’m excited to continue with you.” MD (USA)

“I sought Teagan out due to great suffering and debilitating personal anxiety that has been with me for some time.  I had my first session with Teagan only 6 weeks before writing this and I can already say that this has helped me immensely.  The session bought up a lot of emotion and the subsequent weeks I spent listening to the recording  absolutely altered me and has given me a deep feeling of peace and optimism about the future, which I did not have before.  I am very much looking forward to another session with Teagan as her therapy really does have profound effect and I highly recommend it to anyone who is experiencing suffering or blockages of any kind. RTT works!” MH (NZ)

“The changes in my life have been quite dramatic, I feel fantastic. Work has suddenly gotten crazy busy with having no fear of making calls and actually looking forward to it. I also had great news of unexpected money coming my way after week 2 of listening to audio. I have been listening to my audio 2-3 times daily as I love the feeling. Thank you so much for changing my world.” DE (NZ)

“I had a session with Teagan about 4 weeks ago. I had had a lifelong history of anxiety which had manifested again recently in a fear of flying and agoraphobia due to a health issue. Teagan made me feel so comfortable and safe. Immediately after the session I felt excited for the future and already more relaxed and happy. Within a week I had booked a trip away (flying) and had a great time away – with no anxiety! I feel truly blessed to have found Teagan. Thank you so much x” Sue Nowak (NZ)

Hypnosis Therapy

“I am feeling great. Teagan has been an immense help to me and I am grateful and glad that I have seen her  It has been far more beneficial for me than working with the Psychologist I was seeing.” RT, Sydney, (AUS)

“I had a Skype session with Teagan for anxiety. After the session I still felt anxious however it had lessoned. I listened to my recording every day as Teagan advised and by the end of the 21 days felt a new level of confidence I never had before. I was determined that this was going to work and I did the work to make it happen. I highly recommend you seeing Teagan for a  session.” CM, (USA)

“Teagan helped me form the base for healing and finding myself again during the most challenging time in my life. The transformation that I’ve felt has helped me rebuild the foundation of my life and the search for my identity, true self and true purpose and meaning for my life. I am able to say to the inner child in me whenever I feel vulnerable that I have her back and she will also always have mine. I know that I am enough and I am becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin nowadays. The session we had together with time and patience is an amazing help and healer. Thank you very much.” AB, Auckland, (NZ)

“Teagan, thank you so much! I knew you were the person to guide me through this powerful transformation. I am already telling my friends to get a session with you. You are an amazing healer!” TB, (USA)

“Morning Teagan, I have been thinking about writing this for a while but really wanted to process what went on before I did. Firstly our session totally blew my mind. It was so powerful and moving that I’m still stunned as to what exactly went on. I can honestly say it was one of the most spiritually profound experiences of my life. You were so gentle and reassuring I was totally comfortable with you. The shift in my mindset was immediate. It is literally so bizarre how I went into the session kind of confused, frustrated and tired about my situation and came out feeling confident, clear and happy. For the first time I truly trusted that everything and I would be OK. Thank you so much, I’m really looking forward to working with you on our next RTT session.” MB, (NZ)

“Hi Teagan and happy new year! Yes I’ve certainly noticed a reduction in my anxiety levels – this has been incremental for me but a big improvement compared to where I was before Christmas. I use your tape at least once a day – twice if I can get a half hour to myself!” LS, (NZ)

“Since our session, I’ve felt a new sense of calm and acceptance around the pregnancy and bringing the baby into our family. Some of my original concerns around finances, early labor and how my children are going to cope with less attention from me, are all still on my mind. However, I now have this feeling of  “it’ll all work out” and don’t spend too much time thinking about it. I’ve been able to relax and give my children more of my attention now even if it means not doing laundry or cleaning when I typically would. I’ve also noticed a desire to be close to my husband which had not been the case since getting pregnant. I now want to share thoughts/feelings with him, cuddle him, be kind and gentle to him and feel so thankful to have him. This has also allowed me to be more calm and at peace in our day to day activities. Thanks again for all of your help.” FN (USA)

“My RTT session with Teagan really moved my thinking and way of approaching friends. I no longer feel trapped in my thoughts and I have the confidence to approach friends with my feelings. I highly recommend working with Teagan.” KB, (USA)

“I have had two RTT sessions with Teagan. Since I have been working with her, I feel so much more positive about myself and my life. My anxiety/depression has decreased and I have lost 4 kilos in weight. The recordings are amazingly beautiful and each time I come out of the hypnosis I really do feel like I am gaining more and more power over my thoughts each day and the old ways of thinking get quieter and quieter. If you want to change your life, I highly recommend you to have a session with Teagan. If you want to know how does Rapid Transformational Therapy work? give her a call” B.W, (NZ).

“I’m so glad that I found Teagan! I’ve been started doing sessions with her last year and she has been an absolute angel. She’s been instrumental in helping me transition into my huge move to another country and facing the personal challenges that we all face. She’s amazing at what she does and she’s really helped me delve deeper into the issues that I’m having to get down to the root cause. She provides practical daily tips to improve these issues and she has really helped me build a better relationship with myself.

We’ve built a really strong, trusting connection and I feel comfortable coming to her with whatever challenges I may have. She provides very personable and thorough sessions and she walks you through each stage of the process. I really enjoy her work because each session has been so liberating and I’ve learned so much along the way. Thank you Teagan for your life-changing work!” MB, (AUS)

“I’m doing really well thanks – had a rocky start but have noticed I’m a lot more relaxed about my face.  I didn’t freak out when I noticed a line when my botox wore off which would have sent me into a spin and booking in straight away.  I’m feeling more accepting of my face and less concerned about imperfections which is so nice. Still a process but listening to my recordings every day. Thank you!” BD, (NZ)

“Working with Teagan has completed changed the direction of my life. I was full of anxiety, unhealthy food issues and relationship mental blocks. I have cleared each of these areas of my life in a short few months. I am so grateful for what RTT has done for me, and am grateful for how Teagan’s work has changed a multitude of different areas in my life. I highly suggest working with her if you have anything in your life you would like help healing rapidly!” KK Chicago (USA)

“I have started to notice that my inner voice is a lot more positive and I haven’t experienced any ‘chest pain / unable to catch my breath’ anxiety situations since our session. So I’m happy about that!” VK (Auckland)

“My sessions with Teagan leave me feeling light and grounded. I listen to the recording everyday and continue past the 3 weeks as it makes me feel good. I also journal everyday and what comes to mind is what’s been in my recording it makes me feel empowered knowing that change is happening. My energy is different and my thought processes are happy and calm. This process has made a huge difference to my life.”  EM (Auckland)

“I used to have so much tension within me all the time. I just survived with my body completely wound up tight and I don’t have that any more. I’m looking people in the eye and smiling and sometimes talking to them. I don’t ever remember feeling so free. Thank you so much, you have fixed me.” NB (Auckland)

“Since processing the session, I’ve been feeling more sure of myself and less worried about the uncertain in ways that are subtle but unmistakably there. When I say positive affirmations to myself during the day I feel like they actually land now in a way they didn’t before. I don’t feel like I’m just saying words I don’t truly believe anymore. It’s powerful and I look forward to listening over and over again — and rewiring my default thinking patterns.Does Rapid Transformational Therapy work? It did for me!” EI (Australia)

“I just had an RTT session with Teagan Fea. Absolutely brilliant! Got to the root of my issue regarding Chronic Fatigue which has plagued me for many years. Awesome. At last, with Teagan’s guidance I was able to identify and clear the childhood programming responsible. I will most certainly be recommending others to book a session with Teagan.” BD (NZ)

“Hi Teagan. I’ve noticed that I don’t feel afraid anymore to expose myself. I even booked a photoshoot for my businesses for end of April and I was really annoyed that I couldn’t do it earlier. I also find that now, if I don’t post a live video, it’s not because I’m scared to expose myself but because I’m just too tired to focus on creating new content. I’ve also noticed that I’m able to give more attention to the more mundane things of life while before I was escaping a lot into my soul work. Now, I need to find the right balance between the two but it’s really nice to be able to notice that. Thanks a lot for your help with all that, a very positive experience!” LB (NZ)

“Teagan made me feel more like myself than I had in months after opening up about my struggles with anxiety – it was an amazing experience to perceive where my issues were coming from and so empowering to finally understand how to heal them, because you can’t heal what you don’t understand. I had one session and it was incredible how freeing it was to let go, she creates this amazingly safe environment for you to be vulnerable about things. I think it was a huge relief for my subconscious to open up some things I had locked away for some time and I feel my sense of well being has only continued to grow since then. Thank you for your help and support, Teagan!” Olivia W (USA)

“I have had 2 RTT sessions with Teagan, and they have been powerful, empowering and fascinating. The process is gentle and supportive, and I felt very safe with Teagan from my first phone call with her. I love listening to my recording, and was amazed at the speed with which I moved from place of  overwhelming anger and sadness to feeling calm and detached from the situation with my ex partner. I am now working on my weight, and am enjoying the calm motivation of this recording. I am sure I will go back for more sessions in the future and would have no hesitation in encouraging anyone to make an appointment with Teagan.” AMB (NZ)

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