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Dating Anxiety

Dating anxiety is absolutely debilitating for those who suffer from it. I know, I used to suffer from this myself.

Dating anxiety is usually experienced by people with a Fearful Avoidant attachment style. As a child a Fearful Avoidant has learnt that love is unsafe, inconsistent and something that cannot be trusted. People who are fearful avoidant often carry a belief that I am unloveable, or love is not available to me. These beliefs are so entrenched in the subconscious mind that the brains Reticular Activating System is always looking out for threats in romantic situations. It does this because it has learnt that love is painful.

You see the brains job is always to move us away from pain towards pleasure. So it is on high alert for pain. Hence the experience of dating anxiety.

Can you relate to this? You don’t receive a text and you freak out wondering if he/she is off with another person or doesn’t like you. You don’t get a message back straight away and you worry about how they are feeling about you. You probably feel calm and confident on your own but freak out when you date. You may obsess over your person, become co-dependent and struggle to be vulnerable, speak your truth and set clear boundaries.

Unfortunately you usually create what you fear. You either push your person away, or do not allow yourself to be vulnerable so that the relationship goes to the next level.  And so the cycle continues.

Healing Dating Anxiety

Dating anxiety can be resolved with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT Therapy). Using Hypnosis for therapy (Hypnotherapy) is the most powerful way to heal dating anxiety because it uncovers the core beliefs that cause the anxiety then replaces them with beliefs that make you feel safe, relaxed and happy in yourself.

The most important thing is to teach your brain that you are safe and loveable just as you are. If you would like to heal your dating anxiety, go to: https://teaganfeatherapy.co.nz/