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Purpose- Natural Success Coaching

Know Your Purpose

Specialised Program

I hear from people a lot that they are struggling because they don’t know what their purpose is. Lack of purpose can lead to depression and a general feeling of blah.

Find your Purpose

I love helping people to access their hearts desire, the things that bring them joy. Often this is what purpose is. It is also accessing your unique gifts and talents and sharing these with the world.

In this program we will go on a journey to find your purpose. We will then look at what is stopping you from fulfilling your purpose.

Session 1: Whats your Purpose

In this powerful session I will take you on a journey to find your purpose and access your hearts desire. There will be plenty of aha moments as we dive deep into the mystery of who you are.

Session 2: Life Choices

After we find your purpose we then turn this into life choices that you work with on a daily basis to bring your purpose into reality

Session 3: Blocks that prevent you from living your Purpose

It is all very well knowing what your purpose is however you will have beliefs that are holding you back from fulfilling it. In this session we will uncover the main belief that is holding you back. We will then transform it.

Sessions can be adjusted to suit your situation



This price includes 3 sessions with Teagan, 2 coaching sessions and 1 hypnotherapy session, 1 hypnosis recording, homework and access to Teagan throughout the program via email. Each session is between 1.5-2 hours long.

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