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Dating- Hypnotherapy

Attract Soul Mate Love

Specialised Program

Are you struggling to find soul mate love and a great relationships? Do you struggle with dating and attracting the right people.Maybe you feel anxious…

Feel Attractive, Magnetic and Beautiful

How would you like to feel attractive, magnetic and beautiful when you date. How would you like to be in your flow, and feel confident and self assured?

This powerful exciting program will prepare you to attract a wonderful partner.

Session 1: You are Lovable!

In this session we will explore the core beliefs that are preventing you from meeting the partner of your dreams. We will focus on what you want and we will call him or her into your life.

Session 2: Attachment Style

Dating and relationships are always influenced by the way we attach to others. Our attachment style is learnt from an early age. In this session we will discover what your attachment style is and change your programming so that you securely attach to a partner who is right for you.

Session 3: Boundaries

Many people struggle to put healthy boundaries in place in their relationships. They put other peoples needs ahead of their own and struggle to say no. This does not bode well in dating and relationships and it makes you less attractive. 

Session 4: Relationship Skills 

Communication, dealing with conflict and setting boundaries is so important in a healthy relationship. In this session we will look at where your weaknesses are and will strengthen these skills.

Sessions can be adjusted to suit your situation



This price includes 4 sessions with Teagan, 4 hypnotherapy recordings, homework and access to Teagan throughout the program via email. Each session is between 1.5-2 hours long.

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